IAM District 78 delegates help shatter another glass ceiling.

Toronto, ON – International Women’s Day was celebrated in a special way at IAM District 78 Thursday evening. On 9 March, in the offices of the IAM District Lodge 78, history was made. Vivianne Simon, a member of IAM Local 1295, was acclaimed as Business Representative (BR), becoming the first woman of colour to hold this position in Canada and only the second woman at District 78 to become a servicing representative.

Delegates from eight locals represented different parts of Ontario as well as visitors, staff, executives and retirees were in attendance for the event. Historical events have always been noted, talked about and even taught to future generations to come, but to have the privilege of witnessing an event like this in person is something most members rarely get to experience.

“I want to thank all staff at the District, God, family and friends for their help and support. I couldn’t have done this without them. I know I have much to learn, but I also know my colleagues will support me all the way,” said Simon after she was acclaimed to the position. “I personally want to thank Kim Valliere, the first-ever female Business Representative at DL78 for her mentorship/femtorship,” she added.

“We are so happy that Vivianne has joined our team,” said Eric Johnston, Directing Business Representative of District 78. “Vivianne has been actively involved in her local and the district for some time now as we are all glad she stepped forward at this crucial time. We look forward to working together and continuing to represent our members.”

Chartered in 1953, District 78 represents a variety of job classifications in many sectors throughout Ontario.

For more information:

Eric Johnston, IAM DL78 DBR

Frank Saptel
IAM Canada Communications

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