Ontario Day of Action

Ontario Day of  Action Against cuts: 1:00 pm, Sat. April 21 at Queen’s Park

At 1:00 pm on Saturday, April 21, 2012, the labour movement and community groups
will hold a mass Day of Action against austerity cuts at Queen’s Park in Toronto.

The province continues to hand out billions of dollars in corporate tax cuts through the front door while public and private sector jobs are disappearing through the back door. The Ontario government is preparing to table a slash-and-burn budget in late March or early April that will be guided by the hundreds of cuts that former TD Bank Economist Don Drummond is expected to propose later this month.

The OFL Executive Board adopted a militant campaign plan that includes the April 21st mass action against cuts at Queen’s Park – as mandated by convention.

Every union and labour council should begin mobilizing quickly and aggressively to fill buses to Toronto with members and community allies.

Take these extra steps to help make the Day of Action against cuts a success:

• Pass an emergency motion at your meeting to support the April 21 Day of Action;

• Appoint a staff member too coordinate the mobilization of your union, labour council or organization;

• Outreach to community allies, in particular any local Occupy Activists, to connect our issues in fight for equity and social justice;

• Bring your own signs, banners and union flags to show support; and

• Secure funding from your union, labour council or organization for buses from your community.

However, in circumstances where financial resources are lacking, the OFL can be approached to provide financial support. However, all subsidized buses must be filled!

Questions about mobilizing and logistics should be directed to:

Laurie Hardwick, Director of Organization Services 416-571-3087 or lhardwick@ofl.ca

Buses should be registered with the OFL:

Carrol Anne Sceviour  (416) 443-7670 or csceviour@ofl.ca

It is time to mobilize a province-wide opposition to cuts that will put people at the centre of the provinces’ strategy for economic recovery.


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